The wage gap has been ever prevalent since 1963 when the Equal Pay Act was introduced. 53 years later, we decided to lead the change towards equality. Let's end pay difference today. 


Our Mission

We seek to empower women and minorities everywhere by providing a rigorous set of standards to determine if a company provides equal pay. Rather than continuing the trend of wage disparity, we aim to end the pay gap. You can rest assured that companies with our EqualPay Certified seal have met our standards and have no disparities along the gender line. 

If you don’t have a disparity, then why wouldn’t you put the label on your business? It’s 2016, and we have been fighting this since the second wave of the Women’s Movement. It’s time that we have equity in our pay.
— Amy Lance, California State University, Chico

What We've Achieved

  • Implemented a new standard on evaluating pay disparities in a company
  • Featured in several local blogs around our home town of Chico
  • Established an ethical approach towards permanently ending the wage gap
  • Worked with several local business on evaluating their needs in order to achieve EqualPay Certification